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Equal Access for all students

I believe strongly in creating an environment which allows all students to excel, which
necessitates attention to the needs of many diverse groups. Simply providing access to the
same courses and teachers is not enough – we need to be aware of the many challenges facing
students. A child who is not adequately fed may struggle to focus and does not have the same
opportunities as others. A first generation college applicant may struggle navigating the
system. A child of non-English speakers may need more help with language-based homework
assignments. Children with computers at home have an advantage over those who don’t. That’s
why it’s necessary to listen to the needs of families and take steps to help students
overcome inequities and succeed.

Diversity and Inclusion as a Core Value

Principles of diversity and inclusion should be a core value in our schools and included in
curriculum from the very beginning. It is important that students – in different ways at
different levels – face difference and learn to navigate a diverse and global world.

Support of Teachers

Teachers are the most essential part of any successful school and I believe in ensuring that they have the resources and opportunities they need.

Transparency and Accountability

I believe in taking care that taxpayer money is spent wisely and contributes directly to the success of the students. To accomplish this, it is essential to engage in ongoing communication with the community and strive for full transparency so that residents of the district can see how their tax money is being spent and how the School Board comes to its decisions.


In today’s world, we should incorporate principles of sustainability into everything we do, from instilling a sense of stewardship within our children to incorporating sustainable practices in new buildings, renovations or everyday activities. Consideration of environmental impact and sustainability should be a part of all decisions.

Community Engagement

The modern world is struck by duelling impulses of disconnection and engagement. As we drift too far off into the cloud, many are starting to recognize the need for community. Phoenixville is special in today’s culture as a place with a strong sense of community and many active individuals and organizations. This makes PASD specially equipped to create connections for students with the local community and enable them to engage the idea of civic identity more than their peers in more disjointed areas. It is important to continue to optimize this opportunity.

Work Ethos

Schools belong to the community. I believe in forging relationships and maintaining vibrant channels of communication to involve all stakeholders – parents, teachers, students, taxpayers, etc – in the conversation. Good decisions can only be reached through dialogue, cooperation, and community partnerships.

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